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Livestock Grids

At last the difficulty of cleaning grids has been addressed. Reduces time taken to clean a grid down to less than an hour for a Gidyea Grid compared to many hours for other types of grids.


4m x 2m (Can be bolted end to end to create 8 metre for Main Roads use.)
4.2 x 2 metre (bolted to create 8.5 metre)
5 x 2 metre (bolted to create 10 metre)


Locking Safety Arms secure the grid grate in the fully open position providing a totally safe working environment to allow the removal of the collected dirt.

Clean grids keep livestock in the paddocks where they should be, enhancing livestock management.

The Gidyea Grid is designed to be placed directly onto a soil or gravel base.
Provision of four points available for the grid to be bolted to a concrete slab if desired. The grid arrives completely assembled ready to lower into selected site.

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