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Mining Grids

Efficient to clean by staff, robust for heavy loaded machinery.


4m x 2m (Can be bolted end to end to create 8 metre for Main Roads use.)
4.2 x 2 metre (bolted to create 8.5 metre)
5 x 2 metre (bolted to create 10 metre)


Locking Safety Arms secure the grid grate in the fully open position providing a totally safe working environment to allow the removal of the collected dirt.


Designed and built to the latest Main Roads Bridge Code Highway Rating with Engineer's Certification, the grid is manufactured by a highly qualified, skilled welding team and finished with a high build epoxy coating.

All openings are welded and sealed to prevent rust and corrosion in the event of complete inundation.

The grid is locally manufactured in Queensland to strict manufacturing guidelines and specifications.

The Gidyea Grid design enhances ease of maintenance allowing access to remove soil types (sand, black/red clay loam soils) on major/ minor highways and byways, National Park tracks or station/property roads.


The Gidyea Grid is designed to be placed directly onto a soil or gravel base.
Provision of four points available for the grid to be bolted to a concrete slab if desired. The grid arrives completely assembled ready to lower into selected site.

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